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At Daana we believe that the food we eat is our biggest political statement. For ourselves, our families our communities and our environment.

We believe that the everyday food we eat at home deserves to be a sensory and gastronomic pleasure. Rice, roti, dal and sabzi should be just as “gourmet” as dining out at a fancy restaurant.

We believe that the everyday food we eat must be of the finest quality: untampered, nutritious and the healthiest possible. We believe in how nature designed plants to nourish human beings, grown without injecting toxic and destructive chemicals to increase yield or preserve shelf life.

In our work over the years, we have ample evidence that the food we eat is at its tastiest and healthiest when it is not tampered with during the growing cycle, at harvest time and post-harvest storage. We are purveyors of such products alone.

We also believe that good food is the most fundamental of all human rights. Supporting organic farming ensures healthy soil, clean air and water, which are fundamental rights for all living beings on our planet.

Good food is not a luxury item, and should be within reach of everyone. We constantly strive to ensure that our rates are reasonable and that we provide the best quality. To sustain this cycle, we ensure that our farmers get fair prices for their products. It is only when they find organic farming economically viable, will they be able to continue those practices in the long run.

We are about food. Real food. Food that is Tasty, Healthy, Affordable.

Along with this, our values extend to

Preserving local & traditional biodiversity:
Our farmers do not use hybrids or GMO seeds. Instead they practice the age old art of seed preservation and choosing hardy, disease and drought resistant seed varieties. They grow only those crops that are naturally suited to the local climate & season. Many of their farms are only fed by rain water. They are masters at conserving rain water. They focus on nourishing and preserving soil fertility and health.

Full transparency and traceability:
Every packet comes with the name of the farmer, where it was grown, and the batch of their crop. Our products are “single origin”. Every grain of rice in a packet came from a single farm, unlike regular supermarkets where there is no traceability or transparency of source.



Daana was co-founded by Sujatha Ramni and Ashhar Farhan.

Sujatha has more than a decade's experience as a product manager at a leading US software company where she helped build one of their earliest large scale internet services – one that touched a quarter billion users. She has spent the last 4 years working closely with farmer groups in India, creating a retail platform in Hyderabad to showc/ase their products and helping them develop new markets for their products.

She loves to travel, cook, and grow veggies in her garden. She can be contacted at sujatharamni@outlook.com, +91-9177882261

Farhan is a software writer with over three decades of programming and development experience. His previous ventures have included bringing the Urdu script to computers (Urdu composing system/1), developing low cost community radio systems (radiophony), and Internet telephony for the developing world (Spokn). He has been involved with a number of social initiatives.

He is the founding trustee of Lamakaan – a popular open cultural space in Hyderabad. He co-founded the Hyderabad chapter of the TiE global entrepreneurship network and the Hyderabad Urban Lab.

Farhan is a HAM radio enthusiast and also learns Hindustani music. He can be contacted at afarhan@gmail.com, +91-9849026029.

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